Trailer Repair

Lonestar Diesel & Automotive Repair offers custom trailer repair for all types of trailers. Our work is professional and prompt. At Swift we understand that you need to get your trailer on the road and working for you, and we can help! 

The expert team at Lonestar Diesel & Automotive Repair is equipped to take care of all types of trailers. From routine maintenance to emergency services, our technicians can take care of it all.

Trailers require routine maintenance in order to keep safely carrying their loads. Swift takes pride in making sure your trailer is road ready and can handle everything you need it to. Our team inspects for safety issues, completes necessary repairs and ensures your trailer is in good working condition going forward.

If your trailer is causing you concern, bring it to Lonestar Diesel & Automotive Repair. We can diagnose the problem and repair it quickly so you can get back on the road. Whether it’s a minor or major issue, we can make sure your trailer is repaired and safe to drive.

The technicians at Lonestar Diesel & Automotive Repair are experienced in all manner of trailer repairs. Bring your trailer to Lonestar Diesel & Automotive Repair for fast, efficient service. Call and let us help get the job done right today!

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